"Nocturne City” by Dmitry Dolzhanskiy, Photograph on Archival Inkjet Pigment Print
"Nocturne City” by Dmitry Dolzhanskiy, Photograph on Archival Inkjet Pigment Print
"Nocturne City” by Dmitry Dolzhanskiy, Photograph on Archival Inkjet Pigment Print
"Nocturne City” by Dmitry Dolzhanskiy, Photograph on Archival Inkjet Pigment Print

"Nocturne City” by Dmitry Dolzhanskiy, Photograph on Archival Inkjet Pigment Print

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Photograph on Archival Inkjet Pigment Print


Dubai, 2012

"Nocturne City" is part of a series that Dmitry took over many misty May mornings in Dubai. The views on his building rooftop were 360 degrees so he captured the rolling mist as it slithered through the panels and windows of the sharp-edged buildings. This image is a complete contrast to Burj in the clouds. The mist was just starting to take over the cityscape and the two worlds of nature and man are at equals measures. This one moment was right before the fog eventually engulfs the cityscape and creating a blanket of calm over a bustling city seemingly unaware of the battle happening in the skies just above them.



Dmitry Dolzhanskiy

Dmitry is a photographer not only by trade, but by passion. While growing up in the South of Russia, Dmitry loved taking family photos with his father's Zenit-E camera from the 1970s. Experimenting with a fully manual film camera allowed Dmitry to truly feel the light and understand the basics of photography.

Later, while studying computers at university in Moscow, Dmitry surrounded himself with like-minded individuals and continued to learn photography by experience. Weekly photo walks around Moscow were a must. His dedication paid off quickly: In 2004, Dmitry landed his first paid photography gig, capturing the architecture and streets of Moscow for a luxury real estate magazine. His first choice of equipment for the job: the Zenit-E. The assignment was a success and landed Dmitry his first part-time job with the magazine. 

Not long after, Dmitry got a taste of the entertainment industry by working as a backstage photographer at TNT, a Russian entertainment television channel, and by working on reality shows like Comedy Club and Big Brother. Immediately upon graduating from university, with a solid foundation in photography, Dmitry traveled back home to photograph the March 2006 total solar eclipse. This once-in-a-lifetime event led to him being published on the cover of Digital Photo magazine.

Later that year, Dmitry relocated to Dubai, making the decision to dedicate himself fully to a professional career in photography. To Dmitry, photography was a way to discover new cultures, and to understand and appreciate the diverse world around and embrace the differences among people. While living in Dubai, Dmitry worked for two publishing companies-'TP Group and Circle Advertising & Publishing-creating editorials with high-end fashion brands such as Cartier, Dior, Versace, Christian Louboutin, and Roberto Cavalli. His work appeared in international magazines such as Elle, Decoration, Viva, Grazia, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire, as well as Boat Owner, Interior Design and Decoration, and many other regional magazines.

Witnessing and capturing the growth and development of Dubai as a home of skyscapes, culture, and entertainment continued to inspire Dmitry to take risks and seek out new adventures. Expanding his creative portfolio and combining his love of fashion and art, he founded a Russian fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine, The Art of Living.

In 2017, Dmitry moved to Los Angeles to continue expressing his artistic vision as a commercial and fine art photographer. For Dmitry, the past several years have revolutionized the way he - and others, in his opinion - interact in the world. Indeed, photography has become even more important in everyday life. Each of Dmitry’s fine art works has a story; they are not staged, but instead are truly a moment captured in time. “Our vision is the most fundamental asset to sense our surroundings and enjoy the serene beauty around us. Photographs are for our eyes like music is for our ears. They evoke emotions and take us on a visual journey to one particular moment in history”