MESSIAH by Andrea Broyles
MESSIAH by Andrea Broyles

MESSIAH by Andrea Broyles

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Andrea Broyles
20" x 16"


My new body of work is inspired by the concept of the hinterland--the land lying beyond what is visible or known. That idea embodies the theme of this group of work, which deal with the mysteries beneath the surface of who we are and what we know. The origin of the word is German, which was my first language and through which I first began to understand the world. I’ve also titled the pieces in German since it is the gateway to my own hinterlands. The paintings often involve a lone and enigmatic figure in mysterious and cabalistic landscapes, with the world beyond the visible and the known buried in layers of color and texture. These paintings are windows into the hinterlands where lie the answers to the unanswerable existential questions: why are we here? how did we get here? where are we going?