"Magnolia Wave" by Orion Gardner, Oils on Canvas
"Magnolia Wave" by Orion Gardner, Oils on Canvas
"Magnolia Wave" by Orion Gardner, Oils on Canvas

"Magnolia Wave" by Orion Gardner, Oils on Canvas

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40" x 40"

Oils on Canvas

Original Art Work



This wave is very special in my life. I painted It and always felt it was never finished.

Five years later I held up my baby daughter to the painting and felt that then and there it was complete!


Orion Gardner

I grew up in the ocean, that is to say in San Clemente- surfing, free diving, and painting the ocean. I attended UC San Diego earning a degree in Computing Arts and Music, and later a Ca. Teaching Credential and Masters in Education with emphasis in Art and Technology. I then worked as a science instructor and video editor at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point Harbor. Eventually I started teaching everything I loved, Marine Biology, Computer Graphic Design and Video Editing at the new JSERRA High School in San Juan Capistrano. In addition I worked the summers at Cola’s Surf Camp as the lead instructor/ lifeguard / and also shot, edited and sold videos for the families to purchase weekly. Additionally, I designed the camp’s logos and branding. Getting paid to create what you love, for people you love, doing what you love, is a pretty good place to be in life.

About 4 years ago I was experiencing tremors and difficulty moving normally. When I sought treatment I was given a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease- put on synthetic Dopamine and given batteries in my chest to regulate the symptoms via my brain. I tolerated the “medicine” for some time, but I had to gradually take increasing doses to survive and keep my performance at my job.

Fast forward two years- The medicine almost killed me and turns out I was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s. The true culprit was Lyme disease- a disease that mimics many other maladies. At that point in time it was poorly understood let alone treated for in western medical practice.

With all that society tells us one should pursue in hopes for security, I had pushed my artistic pursuits further back on the life priority list. Little did I know how God would use this nascent talent for my healing.

My artist perspective revolves around Fractal iterations in all aspects of life- specifically nature. I believe it to be God’s blueprint for all things leading to enlightenment. I use whatever materials speak to me at the moment and try not to let thinking get in the way, but embrace it if it does.

Having a new two week old daughter, Magnolia (our first!), I'd quite literally escaped the western medical pharmaceutical option in favor of 2 months of treatment at a specialized Lyme clinic in Mexico. The medicine I took for two years was a symptomatic Dopamine replacement; just masking the underlying issue, Lyme induced brain damage. When I had to go off it suddenly, the withdrawal left me completely immobile; unable to talk, walk, eat anything for that matter. The US doctors wanted to put me on more medicine and more surgery,

While at the clinic in Mexico I organized a band of great friends to help me put together a very successful art show at the San Clemente Surf Heritage Museum to raise money for my treatment, and family living expenses. We sold 20 grand of art in one night.

Life goes on and I have learned so much from this experience which I now view as a gift and also a calling. I’ve been given an opportunity to change my life drastically witnessing many miracles; most of which is the love of my little 2 year old daughter, Magnolia Angolie Gardner. She inspires all I do in art and healing so I can provide a good life for her.