Lou Tarter original one of a kind. Was 2800 now 2500

Lou Tarter original one of a kind. Was 2800 now 2500

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Lou Tarter

a Laguna Beach artist / photographer arrived in Orange county CA in the early 70's. Lou can remember driving down what is now the 5 fr way and seeing signs for properties for sale in Irvine and Tustin for $20,000 - 30,000 per lot.

”It was an amazing time to be a surfer" Lou states. Sometimes he was the only one surfing in the waters at some of the most crowded and popular surf spots today.

Lou was a big thinker way ahead of his time. In the early 90's he approached all the major hotels in Laguna Beach and Dana Point looking to place web cams on top of their roofs pointing at the beach's so tourists could see the beaches before arriving to their SoCal destinations. Now all these cams are owned by the popular company Surfline.

For the past 20 years Lou has run a small furniture shop with his wife Jo Anne and Right up before his death at the end of January 2022 he and his wife would go to Old Man's surf spot in San Clemente every Wednesday to reminisce about the good ol' days.