"Le Graffiti Incolore" by Wolf Dé Roses, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Le Graffiti Incolore" by Wolf Dé Roses, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Le Graffiti Incolore" by Wolf Dé Roses, Mixed Media on Canvas

"Le Graffiti Incolore" by Wolf Dé Roses, Mixed Media on Canvas

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30" X 40"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Art Work


Description: In dripping paints and streaks, Roses combines primary colors from an eighties graffiti style infused with modern art in white and gold. Inspired by the sixties DADA movement, the composition collides in an emotional explosion of colours, textures, and mixed materials. Smeared with resin and black paint, dark puddles hover beneath a plethora of colours, appearing to swallow their vividness. Swept up in the movement, five roses caught in disorder stretch across the painting. Representing the destructive nature of illusionary love before it fades, Le Graffiti Incolore translates from French to: colorless Graffiti. The title implies the emptiness of a falling passionate romance. 


Wolf Dé Roses


Wolf Dé Roses art represents the energy of an anti-hero whose art explores poetic manifestations for  painting and sculptural mediums in hauntingly dark and beautiful compositions. Inspired by his own experiences within the concept of idealization and infatuation, his pieces embody elements of a tortured fantasy in peaks of emotional disorder. Wolf’s interests in the conceptual, contemporary and DADA art movements influence his style, resulting in a distinct, chaotic presentation that fuses abstract expressionism and urban influences.

Originally working as a sculptor, Wolf has transitioned to a mixed media art practice by creating canvas relief sculptures. Working in layers, he uses materials such as plaster, paint, resin, and canvas. The graffiti drip technique is a staple to his painting style, reflecting the process of his creation in the midst of an emotional chaos captured in the moment. He often finishes his work with a resin cast, applying a slick, immovable layer that enforces a distance between the piece and the viewer. As a result, the viewer is able to see a reflection of themselves in the shine of the resin, mirroring the subjectivity of their own perspectives of love and lust projected onto his work. Wolf creates these abstract, surrealist pieces to express an edgy and mysterious part of his personality as a hopeless romantic, echoing a part of himself as an entity to be desired from afar but not easily obtained.

A significant sculptural material and recurring symbol in his work are roses, representing the process of destruction within its core ideologies of love, beauty and romance. Immortalizing the roses’ desired purpose, he binds them through different mediums like metal, plaster, and paint, applying them aggressively and unapologetically into the texture of his pieces. In its rough, heavy qualities and bold, glooming colors, Wolf’s work drips and smears a thick skin across the faces of his canvases. The process and outcome of working in these layers hides the emotional depth and turmoil under an obscure, shifting mask over time.Wolf Dé Roses attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and studied Sculpture and Design. He is inspired by artists such as: The Weeknd, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Franz Kline, and Picasso. 

Instagram: @wolf_of_roses