"Holland Tunnel Entrance" by Sue Graef, Acrylic on Canvas
"Holland Tunnel Entrance" by Sue Graef, Acrylic on Canvas
"Holland Tunnel Entrance" by Sue Graef, Acrylic on Canvas

"Holland Tunnel Entrance" by Sue Graef, Acrylic on Canvas

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24" x 24"  

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Work


This is a view of the entrance to the Holland Tunnel traveling from Jersey City, New Jersey to Lower Manhattan, NY. In her light hearted style, the artist captures the busy landscape in all its detail including signs, wires, cars, lights, poles, high rise buildings and other things. The painting was inspired by her many trips into New York from the time she was a child, driving with her parents to her adult life commuting to work back and forth. All those years were filled with the fascination of the many patterns, shapes and colors of this very complex landscape now captured in brilliant colors of red, yellow, lavender, green and blue.


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Sue Graef 

Sue Graef is an award-winning American artist whose work is characterized by brilliant color. Working principally in acrylics, Graef creates her semi-abstract paintings by quickly applying color over color, allowing spontaneous creation to play a large part in her work. Her works are vibrant re-creations of what she sees in life. Whilst people can almost always recognize the subject of the painting, Graef twists the perspective and playfully experiments with color for fantastic results.

Although her favorites are Henri Matisse and the more contemporary David Hockney, Graef has developed a style all her own.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and growing up in the suburbs not far from New York enabled her to frequently visit the museums and art galleries, a large influence in her work.

Graef’s more recent exhibits of note are The Annual Gasparilla Festival of the Arts (Tampa, Florida); Miami Art Mob Super Bowl Gallery Event and February Show (Miami, FL); Curators Voice The Art of Isolation Survey 2 Virtual Exhibit (Miami, Fl), Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center Juried Virtual Exhibit (Philadelphia, PA); Marin Society of Artists, Fresh Art Exhibit (San Rafael, CA) and the Greenpoint Gallery (Brooklyn, NY). She is scheduled to exhibit at the famous Miami Art Week Spectrum-Red Dot 2021.

Graef attended classes at Philadelphia College of Art, followed by Tyler School of Art, Temple University and four decades of drawing and painting.