Gallery wall 1st and last Next to Nordstrom and the Apple store 700

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Gallery wall rental 350 Mo. / 1st and last link Next to Nordstrom and the Apple store

Congratulations! Your work is accepted into the gallery. The monthly rent is only $350 per month for either a 7' Wide X 6' Tall Wall space OR 4' Wide X 9' Tall space. According to what ever is available and agreed on by you and your curator. All we ask for is the last months rent also, upfront. no deposit and no contracts so $700 gets you the wall and rent always starts on the 1st of every calendar month.

There is a waiting list for the space so you are receiving this link because your next on the waiting list.

You can use an (approved) sign on the wall for your name, also cards and postcards are permitted on the main desk only. Prints are permitted only on the allowed spaces (please ask your curator for details on prints)

Sales split on art work sold:

Sales through the gallery machine = 80/20 (80 artist / 20 gallery

Sales direct (Venmo, Paypal) Scan code next to your art work = 100% to you

(Remember we are 100% non-profit and you can write off all your rents from your personal or business taxes as a donation to our 501c3) - Also the benefit for collectors buying through the gallery is they also receive a 100% tax write off from their personal or business taxes and there is no sales tax when they purchase through the gallery so send all your clients to the gallery or website to buy!

All renters receive a $250 value and a lifetime membership with 3 paintings and a profile on / the most popular art buying website for Southern California Artists.

The 1st Saturday of every month we have live music, refreshments and meet and greet with the collectors and clients of the gallery. All are welcome for this monthly reception. (tell your friends and family!)

There is a 30 day notice required when leaving so we can go through our waiting list to find a replacement. Thank you for your cooperation!

By signing up you are agreeing to our terms. No one at the gallery: employees, agents, reps, curators, founders, clients, collectors or owners are responsible for lost stolen damaged works. The owners of the art work must insure their own work if they so choose to have protection.