Flower Jazz by Dave Calkins
Flower Jazz by Dave Calkins

Flower Jazz by Dave Calkins

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Flower Jazz
by Dave Calkins
30" x 48"
Acrylic On Canvas


Born in Long Beach, California, Dave L. “Calkins” spent his early years mesmerized in the vivid kaleidoscope of nature.  In particular, the stunning wild flowers of the Mojave Desert and the vivid splendour of the Pacific Ocean captivated his imagination and firmly implanted their hold.


As a world traveler, Dave Calkins always admired various arts as a spectator, it wasn’t until a move to Perth, Australia in 1984 that his creative process of discovery was kindled. Dabbling at an early age in photography, drawing and painting, it was not until observing the vast palette of the land down under that inspired him to delve again into the many mediums of artistic expression.  Being a self-taught artist allowed for him to create from an inner awakening. What transpired is a vivid and vibrant use of color, reflecting his passion for all things bright, warm and inviting.


Dave Calkins favors acrylics and utilizes them to paint with conviction, freely challenging and channelling his creative energy. He believes that history has shown that there is no right or wrong way to painting and it is an awareness from inside when the paint is being manipulated across the blank canvas that the textures are then discovered. His use of intense colors with deliberate brush strokes flow in artistic movement to capture the imagination of onlookers. The metamorphosis of a canvas always surprises him, however, he instinctively senses when to step away.  Completion and the final verdict is realized when the outcome of a painting inspires someone to reflect inward eliciting feelings of intrigue, joy, happiness and most importantly makes them smile.


His new series entitled “Flower Gaze” allows viewers a stimulating, yet soothing perspective of nature’s palette and is a fresh take on contemporary visions. 


Calkins aspires to provide colorful artwork for viewers, collectors and investors with the hope they will be delighted every time they capture a gaze at one of his paintings.


Still residing in Perth, Australia, Calkins recent artwork can be found at www.davecalkinsartwork.com  His works are held in private collections in the United States, South America, Asia and Australia.