"Liquid Swirl" By Delbar Azari, Mixed Media on Wood Panel
"Liquid Swirl" By Delbar Azari, Mixed Media on Wood Panel

"Liquid Swirl" By Delbar Azari, Mixed Media on Wood Panel

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36" x 36" x 3"

Original Artwork 

Mixed Media on wood panel

This is a stunnig 3 dimentional artwotk that will change color based on point of view and ambient light.


Delbar Azari

Delbar Azari is a multi disciplinary artist with over 25 years of experience. Throughout her art journey, she has utilized many different mediums and techniques, including oils, acrylics, ceramics, and photography. Currently she uses fluid acrylics and epoxy resin to achieve the visual aesthetic that she yearns, and to convey the message she is most passionate about.

As a long time resident of Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica mountains and pacific ocean are her two favorite places, to escape from the daily mundane and find her inner balance. No wonder her work is inspired by nature, especially the ocean. Looking at Delbar’s recent body of work, one can see the rhythm that reminds the viewer of the calm soothing ocean waves at dawn. When Delbar is painting with acrylics, she usually lets the fluid nature of the paint take over and exercises minimal control, only to push the painting towards a more cohesive composition and a balance between rhythm, harmony, and contrast. As someone who is in love with nature, Delbar is very concerned about the effects of pollution on the environment, specifically the ocean, and that message can be seen in some of her work.

She has worked with private collectors and interior designers on numerous site specific commission pieces both in the U.S. and abroad.