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Love Wins by Vanessa Cobarrubias

Love Wins by Vanessa Cobarrubias

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Love Wins  

by Vanessa Cobarrubias

24" x 24" 

Mixed Media on Wood


"Creating art is something that I have always loved since I was little and I feel fortunate to continue to create art pieces through my adult life.  I discovered my love for art at the early age of five.  I remember one night at the age of five finding white-out on my sister’s bedroom floor.  I was rolling around throwing a tantrum because she told me I could not accompany her on her dinner date.  So my way of expressing my anger was by painting and splattering white streaks on her solid black bedside lamps.  Unfortunately, my plan backfired; she ended up loving them, she said it gave her room a nice 80’s look."