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"Chicago Evening" By Luna, Oil on Canvas
"Chicago Evening" By Luna, Oil on Canvas

"Chicago Evening" By Luna, Oil on Canvas

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24" x 24"

Original Artwork 

Oil on Canvas

Luna is a Chicago based plein-air oil painter. While most of her cityscapes painted in the Chicago area, she also travels around the world to paint different cities. Originally, she is from Zhytomyr, Ukraine; Luna moved to Chicago in 2016 to study architecture. In Chicago, she found the beauty of the architecture, which inspired her to make plein-air paintings. The energy from buildings and the hum of public transportation are significant sources of inspiration for her art.

" I have an image and a story that I want to tell through my art; I can see it in my head and hear it in my soul. In my imagination, it looks perfect; getting the exact likeness from there into reality isn't easy, but it's a fantastic feeling when I express it on the canvas."