Cathedrals Of The Timeless by Bonnie Marie
Cathedrals Of The Timeless by Bonnie Marie

Cathedrals Of The Timeless by Bonnie Marie

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Cathedrals Of The Timeless 
by Bonnie Marie 
16" x 26" 
Mixed Media
Metal or Canvas


I have been painting and creating art since I was in Junior High School.  I do a great deal of commissioned work for people wanting something quite different of their child, family, etc.  You can gain the scope of my work by visiting my website:  A few examples of commissioned work are "The Journey, " with 2 girls and the Multiple ballerinas overlaying each other.

I work with acrylics, watercolor, pencils, pencil drawings and I import most of my works into Photoshop in order to create layers and often add my poetry.  I reproduce my work on canvas as Giclee's or on metal where my works really pop!  My originals that are layered in Photoshop are printed on Canvas and then I also paint in Acrylic on them after they are produced on canvas.  The simpler pieces I paint in acrylic and do reproductions by having them professionally photographed at full size then scan into Photoshop for my reproductions.  I try to change every piece a bit before selling so my pieces are usually at least, artist proofs.  My painting and writing are me being me!  Some poems inspire paintings and many paintings inspire poems.  Some stand alone in what I want to convey.  Look at Indian Lands carefully to see all the symbolism and the atrocities committed by the white man.  In "Changing Seasons in America," there are 107 different faces inside of faces and other things within the painting to depict our changing America from the founding to more modern times! " Cathedrals of the Timeless," goes with a poem I created by the same name.  just a part of the Poem is in the painting.  To read the entire poem you must visit my website.  What I charge for Commissioned pieces depends on the intricacy and size of the work.  I am showing this fall in the Boulder City art show.  I have shown many other places as well, in California, Utah, and Nevada.