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Assserting Dominance by Duncan Asper
Assserting Dominance by Duncan Asper

Assserting Dominance by Duncan Asper

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Asserting Dominance 

49" x 36"

Mixed Media

My paintings are the distillation of over 35 years in the creative side of the advertising industry as a freelance artist, art director and graphic designer. Throughout my formal education I majored in fine art and commercial art. A native of So. California since 1955, I was raised in Pasadena. In 1979 I moved to Honolulu Hawaii and lived there through the 80’s, pursuing a career as a freelance artist and graphic designer specializing in image building and communication arts. While in Hawaii I released a series of original acrylic paintings on canvas and hand pulled, limited edition serigraphs. These images were exhibited in several one man shows in Honolulu 

I attended Mission Renaissance Fine Art Academy in 2002 where I studied sketching, composition, color theory, and different techniques of representational painting with oils on canvas. Upon completion of my studies it became obvious to me that my challenge was to employ my experience and design skills into an expression of original mixed media paintings, to come up with something new, uniquely my own and to make a statement in the art world.