Join us for Yoga Sunday September 26 at 9:30AM TICKETS REQUIRED (FIRST SESSION)

ARTWALK $150 (Group Members) BB
ARTWALK $150 (Group Members) BB
ARTWALK $150 (Group Members) BB

ARTWALK $150 (Group Members) BB

Regular Price $149.79 Sale

Congratulations and welcome to our one night event on the first Thursday of every month.  Many of our artist that participate with us on a regular basis make sales, commissions, get picked up by other galleries, and have articles written in magazines.  We have been doing this show for 8 years.  Please call 714-972-2787 if you have any questions.  Read all about the event.

  • Bring one easel and three paintings.
  • Space is 5'x5'
  • Bring marketing materials, sign in book and small chair if you would like
  • NO parking allowed behind the gallery.  The meters only take payment until 7PM.
  • If you want to encourage your clients to give you their email addresses you might want to do a giveaway.
  • We encourage you to talk about yourself and engage with your clients.
Please note this is non refundable, however we do issue gallery credit.