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"Happiness" by Miri Baruch, Acrylic on Canvas
"Happiness" by Miri Baruch, Acrylic on Canvas
"Happiness" by Miri Baruch, Acrylic on Canvas

"Happiness" by Miri Baruch, Acrylic on Canvas

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55.1" x 39.3"

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Work


Description: The process of an abstract painting is always an adventured journey. I choose a few colors and start with random brush strokes, and step by step while in the initial process, I decide what will be the direction of the painting, what shapes I will create, and what other colors I will add.  In general, I like to create chaos but at the same time, it must have a certain movement or direction. Throughout the process, I work with brushes, spatula, and sponges to create different shapes. I mainly use acrylic paints, and occasionally I use oil. When I choose to use oil I mix it with a cold vax medium to get a creamer texture and transparency that allows for the previous layers to be seen.


Miri Baruch

Miri Baruch is a passionate professional abstract and figurative art painter since 2016. She was born in Argentina in 1964 and moved to Israel when she was 15 years old, she is married + 2. Miri has a BA degree in biophysical chemistry and worked for the hi-tech industry (intel) for 27 years. Miri kept connected to her artistic side by taking drawing classes and oil realistic painting workshops. In 2015, she decided to retire from Intel and pursue painting as a professional career. Inspiration comes to her from everyday activities, like observation in the street, a scene from television, a dream, a memory, etc. The process of making an abstract painting is an adventurous journey, it starts with a few random strokes and grows layer by layer until she feels the work is completed. For figurative paintings, Miri blends abstract elements into the figures to add excitement and surprise. Her artworks are displayed for sale in several Israeli galleries, at her Etsy on-line store, and at international online art galleries like Saatchi & Singulart. Miri has participated in several group exhibitions and hosted a solo exhibition.  


  • BA degree in biophysical chemistry
  • 1-year drawing class at the house of artists in Tel Aviv
  • Several oil realistic painting workshops taught by various Israelis artists
  • Self-taught, especially the abstract painting style

Solo Exhibitions

  • August 2018, “Briza”, window exhibition/Under1000 gallery, Tel Aviv , Israel
  • July 2018, “Smoking dreams”, Ramada Hotal Exhibition, Hedera, Israel

Group Exhibitions

  • April 2021, “What’s Israeli to you”, Ramat Aviv Mall, Ramat Aviv, Israel 
  • March 2021, “Emphaty”, Bauhause Gallery center, Tel Aviv, Israel  
  • March 2021, “Talk to me”, Digital exhibition at Divulgarti, ARconTE, Genova, Italy
  • May 2020, Israeli Independence day, Digital Exhibition, Israel
  • July 2020, “Love and Touch”, Ramat Aviv Mall, Ramat Aviv, Israel 
  • June 2020, “Painters pint blue”, Russian cultural center, Tel aviv, Israel


  • July, 20th 2021 , Leaders in ContemporaryAart, Capsule book Curatorial Vol 3
  • Feb 2021, Trendy Art Ideas
  • Nov 2020, 123 ART Magazine Interview
Instagram: @mirisbaruch