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"Tropical" by Rosana Ward, Oil on Canvas
"Tropical" by Rosana Ward, Oil on Canvas
"Tropical" by Rosana Ward, Oil on Canvas

"Tropical" by Rosana Ward, Oil on Canvas

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36" x 36"

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work


Rosana Ward

Rosana found herself with the help of the arts. She remembers being timid when she was a child, she would hide with her pencil and her best friend, the eraser. She discovered a big difference when she crossed fences, struggling with immigration and a different culture, traditions, people, and language, leaving friends and family to explore a new way of life, making her a unique artist. She learned to express harmony through her paintings, finding the correct balance, leaving behind her small world and bringing her big quick silver imagination, creating new horizons. Rosana believes that “passion without reason can not exist."  She also believes that “those who teach learn twice.” And that by working with her students, she improves her own work. She enjoys seeing students learn, blossom and grow. She combines her talent with disciplines, she encourages people always to study new techniques, breaking rules, listening and respecting the good masters and teachers, caring about humanity and nature with a positive way of doing things.