"Bristlecone" by Greg Boratyn, Photograph on Silver Halide paper
"Bristlecone" by Greg Boratyn, Photograph on Silver Halide paper
"Bristlecone" by Greg Boratyn, Photograph on Silver Halide paper

"Bristlecone" by Greg Boratyn, Photograph on Silver Halide paper

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22" X 36"

Photograph on Silver Halide paper



Greg Boratyn

Greg Boratyn is a renowned landscape and nature photographer. He started his photography adventure about 20 years ago when he picked up his first small point-and-shoot digital camera to capture moments of time he spent with his family while on vacation. About 15 years ago he has participated in a photography contest organized by Topaz Labs and he was awarded a free course at New York Institute of Photography. 
Completion of this course has dramatically changed the way he approaches the subject. Greg purchased his first DSLR camera along with professional class lenses that allowed him to capture artistic images at much higher quality than any point-and-shoot or cell phone cameras would have. 

As his skills grew so did his drive and passion for photography. Greg started studying work of other professional landscape photographers, such as Ansel Adams, who inspired him and motivated to further improve his photography skills that would allow him to produce not only original work but also at the highest possible quality (excellent exposure and sharpness throughout the entire frame, soft calming light at early sunrise or late sunset, and correct color rendition, to name a few). 
In landscape photography he is inspired the most by unique locations of the world rarely seen or photographed, and places that have no marks of human interaction or man-made objects in them. His primary goal is to capture the beauty of the place as created by nature, and nature alone. 

In 2018 Greg was honored to be named one of the top 25 Landscape Photographers in the World by capturelandscapes.com. Also in 2018, he was awarded Second Place in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest in Sydney Australia. As an invited member of the worldwide organization MPI (Master Photographers International), Greg’s work is held to the highest standards of quality.

Greg’s photographs have appeared in a large number of publications, including Photography Masterclass magazine, LeNs Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, Creative magazine, Shots!, Answer Magazine, Creative Quarterly Art Journal, Tamron Photography Magazine, and many more. More of his work can be seen on his
Instagram: @greg_boratyn