"Great Sea Dragon of Mythos" by Lance Jost, Sculpture
"Great Sea Dragon of Mythos" by Lance Jost, Sculpture

"Great Sea Dragon of Mythos" by Lance Jost, Sculpture

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51” H x 63” L x 32” W on a 26” H Base

Bronze with Semi-precious Stones



Description: Mythological Series


Lance Jost

Imagine yourself free diving off the Southern California coastline, swimming past a giant sea fan and a school of butterfly fish, or riding on a Hobie 14 Catamaran with Hobie Alter himself. Close your eyes and you’re front and center—a lancer in full armor charges his mighty steed in a joust, or you’re taking a tour of the 15 Stations of the Cross.

Southern California artist, Lance Jost, specializes in monumental art. Whether he uses bronze, mosaic, cast glass, or when he painted a 100-foot long mural for Jimi Hendrix’ Electric Lady Studio in 1970/71, you can’t help but feel that you’re a part of his experience.

Spanning a 50-plus year career, most of Jost’s ideas come from his immediate surroundings. Living in South Orange County, California, for close to half a century, who wouldn’t be motivated by the ocean. Painting the Hendrix mural after meeting Stan Lee, of DC Comics fame, he was inspired by his use of framing each cell. Jost’s deep and life-long faith influenced both the bronze “Lancer” at California Baptist University and the “15 Stations of the Cross” mosaics he made for Saddleback Church.

Graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in architectural sculpture, Jost has experience working with municipalities, universities, churches, and the private sector. His passion lies in creating vivid, lifelike imagery using many techniques while keeping sustainability and low maintenance at the top of his priorities. He strives to bring craft, skill, and artistry into a singular work of art or a comprehensively-designed architectural area.

Website: www.lancejostdesigns.com