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Pain And Comfort by Richard Barnett
Pain And Comfort by Richard Barnett

Pain And Comfort by Richard Barnett

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Formation by Richard Barnett
24" x 24"
Oil On Panel


I think many painters are, to some degree voyeurs.  We watch the world, looking for special moments that might otherwise be missed. The best of us can see the drama in the mundane and preserve it for others to enjoy. The caveat to that is, we are showing you that moment through the lens of our eyes and experiences. I choose the images I paint carefully, striving to be a witness to the emotions, the tragedies, the struggles and the triumphs of mundane and exceptional existence. The way people shout, just by living, that they are here, and by existing they, at least a moment, leave a mark. I, as a painter, try to find these moments and capture my impressions of them.  

 In terms of technique, there is an almost blurry aspect to most of my paintings, the further back you step, the clearer the image becomes, but as you step closer it becomes a blur of color and brush strokes. I think this is because I was born VERY nearsighted, and it wasn’t caught until around 5 years old. I first experienced the world as fuzzy and indistinct, it only became clear when my nose was near to being pressed against it. I think that stays with me and influences the way I see things, even today.