"Deep Blue" by Keren Hashalom, Mixed Media on Wood Panel
"Deep Blue" by Keren Hashalom, Mixed Media on Wood Panel
"Deep Blue" by Keren Hashalom, Mixed Media on Wood Panel

"Deep Blue" by Keren Hashalom, Mixed Media on Wood Panel

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12" X 24"

Mixed Media on Wood Panel

Original Art Work

Description: Deep blue  Is epoxy painting with deep blue colors and waves Splashing  the islands.


keren Hashalom

My journey and love for beautiful things began when I was a young girl.  I was captivated and thrilled with colorful pieces of art. From a very young age I was passionate about creating art using every color I could imagine. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother lovingly hanging my artwork on the walls of our home. No matter how big or small, extravagant or simple, she loved and cherished every piece that I created. My mother recognized my gift early on and she always encouraged and motivated me to follow my passion.

As a young adult, I began to travel the globe where I was able to discover all types and styles of art. I studied and learned new techniques which I incorporated into my work. Through my journeys, I discovered gemstones and crystals. Not only are gemstones and crystals naturally beautiful, but they also represent healing characteristics and provide positivity. I began to introduce gemstones and crystals into my art. My work now encompasses all the wonderful colors that I love as well as the beauty and energy that the gemstones and crystals possess.

What inspires me

I love the ocean. As I travel and explore the globe I can't help but feel awe and inspiration with each ocean I see. My inspiration and passion begins with the ocean waters. The tranquility, peace, and ever-changing force of the waves creates a ceaseless spectrum of color and beauty that each ocean provides. My paintings are a direct interpretation of the sounds, color, and vibration that I experience when I visit the ocean. Every piece of art that I create is a message of my experience when I visit the sea. My hope and dream is that people are able to experience the pure bliss that comes from my heart with the piece that they select for their home. The intention of my art is to be an expression of happiness, love, peace, and tranquility to people and their home.